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Joyful living is your birthright...
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About Doorway to joy

Doorway to Joy was founded with the intention to bring the ancient but ageless teachings of Zarathushtra into our modern day-to-day living, leading us to a joyful existence. 

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Our Mission

Doorway to Joy focuses on spiritual growth and community. Through group prayers, Gatha Studies, educational seminars, and retreats, the ancient Zoroastrian teachings and practices are brought into the modern way of living guiding the participants to a deeper level of inner connection with the divine. As Intended with the ancient teachings, the wish is to help participants find their way to a healthy and prosperous life. 

Our Story

It all started when in 2018  a couple of childhood friends decided to organize a spiritual women's retreat in the beautiful coastal city of Santa Cruz.  It was at this retreat that "the want and the need" for a spiritual organization based on the teaching of Zarathushtra became very apparent. This revelation gave birth to the creation of Doorway to Joy. 


We’re very proud to host people from a variety of places and backgrounds, and are always striving to provide impactful experiences. 

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Home: Classes

Righteousness is the Highest Virtue.

It is radiant happiness.

This radiant happiness comes to a person who is righteous for the sake of righteousness alone.

The Ashem Vohu Prayer

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Our Current Team and Growing... 

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